1. This is something I really miss seeing, the whole of Quest crew together!!

    I know Andy and Lydia have never really performed with Quest on a regular basis, but when it comes to the rest of the crew it’s so disappointing to see them so separated these days! Go back a few years and not only was D-trix still with them but you would see all of the crew at each performance and interview! These days you usually just see Hok and Ryan together, Victor with YTF, Aris with Hirano and Steve/Feng but rarely all of them all together which is really disappointing for people like me who love and envy Quest!!

    I’m very happy for and proud of Hok and the crew for having the great opportunity to tour with and choreograph for LMFAO but I miss seeing them do their live performances at all different dance events. I used to spend at least an hour every day watching their routines but these days it just doesn’t feel the same, even in interviews. I remember in one interview they mentioned they had a rule that they either all perform together or they don’t perform at all so i’m wondering what happened to that?!?! Considering they all appear separately quite often now I think they should all work out their differences and reunite with D-Trix since they all work together so well and it’s what all the fans really want!!

    I hope once Quest wrap up their tour with LMFAO they can go back to doing more small dance performances again so we can constantly be amazed by their talent and if they really want to make their fans happy, they’ll sort out their differences with D-Trix and reunite the crew that everyone fell in love with and can’t get enough of!! 

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    Really miss seeing Quest together :(
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